Frequently Asked Questions - COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

LAMS is a COVID-19 Free Zone, help us keep it that way!!

  • What is COVID 19?
    Please refer to CDC for details on COVID19

  • What is LAMS doing to keep children safe?
    LAMS is taking extra precautions to keep children safe during this time, including:

      All Adults are required to wear masks on school premises.[OPTIONAL]
      All children wear mask when interacting with other children.[OPTIONAL]
      All children are practising social distancing. Number for children per class has been limited to facilitate 6-10 feet of separation among children.[NO LONGER REQUIRED]
      All children temperature checked during checkin.[NO LONGER NEEDED]
      All children wash their hands(for 20 seconds) on regular basis during school hours.
      Disinfecting all surfaces and material used by children
      Asking Parents to keep child home who show symptoms of sickness (fever, cough, sneezing, sniffles, shortness of breath, stomach issues)
      Asking Staff to stay at home if sick
      Sending children home who are showing symptoms of sickness

  • Are you conducting tours?
    All tours are conducted during weekdays, one tour per day, visitors may wear masks[OPTIONAL] inside school to minimize covid exposure to children.

  • What happens if someone at the school is diagnosed with COVID-19?
    LAMS requires that the staff/child stays home till symptoms subside, LAMS follows guidance from the state and local health departments.

  • What if my child doesn’t have symptoms, but a family member has been diagnosed with the coronavirus?
    LAMS requires that the child stays home and be monitored for any symptoms.