Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Montessori Education?
    Please refer to About Montessori for more details.

  • What is AMI (Association Montessori Internationale)?
    AMI is the international organization founded by Dr. Maria Montessori which trains and certifies Montessori teachers across the world. AMI is the steward of the Montessori educational approach. Please refer to AMI website for more details.

  • Does LAMS(Little Angels Montessori School) have AMI trained staff?
    Yes, We are one of the few Montessori schools in the Phoenix Metro area to have All the lead teachers(primary/toddler) who are AMI trained and certified.

  • How is Montessori Education different from public school education?
    Please refer to Montessori and MainStream Education for more details.

  • What age group children can be enrolled at LAMS?
    LAMS provides enrollment for children ages: Toddlers(18+months-3 years) and Primary(3-6 years).

  • What are the programs available for a child at Little Angels Montessori?
    Please refer to Our Programs for more details.

  • How much does each program cost?
    Cost for each program is different and is provided on Our Program page, based on age group of the child.

  • What are the discounts provided?
    There is a 10% discount on monthly tuition fees for siblings(of the lower tuition amount)

  • What is material fee for?
    Montessori education involves prepared environment where the childs explores & learns. This environment include material for various activities like sensorial, math, language etc. These materials wear out, break or are lost as they are used by students and need to be replaced on a regular interval to enable students to continue learning. Some of the examples of Montessori materials can be found here.

  • Does LAMS have program for 2-3 days a week?
    No, The primary goal of a Montessori environment is to create a culture of consistency, order, independence and empowerment. Attending only two or three days per week makes creating such a classroom culture much more difficult to achieve and much more difficult for a child who attends only off and on to embrace and get the most from.

  • Does LAMS take AZ DES(Department of Economic Security) payments?
    LAMS is not contracted with AZ DES. It is the parents responsibility to make the full fee payments by the due date. If LAMS receives any payment for your child directly from DES, LAMS will process the amount accordingly. It is the parents responsibility to communicate and work with DES directly, LAMS will not be involved any way.

  • Why I have been charged for extra hours on my monthly tuition invoice?
    Based on your childs enrolled prgram you may be charged for any extra time the child spends at school either before OR after the program timing. The cost of extra time is $10/hour and $1/min after 5:00pm.

  • We understand the benefits of Montessori Education, How can I take a tour of LAMS?
    LAMS tours are scheduled every Wednesday(except school holidays) by appointment only
    You may check availability and schedule a tour here.
    • Walk-ins will not be entertained as it disrupts the work cycle of the children.

  • What is the COVID-19 Policy?
    Please refer to LAMS COVID-19 policy here.

  • What is the enrollment policy?
    Please refer to our Enrollment Process for steps invloved in enrolling a child at LAMS.
    Enrollment of a child at LAMS is based on various factors determined by LAMS. You have to fill out the online application form to be considered for enrollment.
    Taking a tour or filling the form does not guarantee enrollment. Students priority for enrollment is calculated on various factors including application date, start date, program, wait-list etc
    Once application is approved, a spot can be held:
    1. Upon paying registration and material fee.
    2. Start date has to be within a month of holding the spot.

  • My child is on waitlist, how long is the wait?
    Availability for someone on waitlist depends on a number of factors including children leaving the program(toddler/primary), moving to different program, your priority on waitlist etc and is difficult to predict but LAMS will let you know as and when a spot becomes available.

  • Will the fees be prorated?
    Once enrolled Monthly tuition fee is not prorated under any circumstances.

  • My child's enrollment date is in the middle of the month, will any fee be prorated?
    Only for the enrollment month, if the child's start date is 15 of the month or later, the tuition fee for that month will be prorated. No other fee will be prorated.

  • Can I change the program the child is enrolled in?
    We understand that there can be circumstances which may require parents to change the program for their child. You will need to submit the change request in written(or email) to Director LAMS for review and approval. Once the request has been approved no more changes can be made for 6 months from date of approval.

  • Will the fees be refunded?
    Fees(tuition, registration, material) once paid are non-refundable under any circumstances.

  • When is the monthly tuition fee due?
    Monthly tuition fee is due on the 1st of every month. After 5th of every month a late fee will be charged. For any financial difficulties please contact LAMS office.

  • How can the monthly tuition fee be paid?
    Monthly tuition fee can be paid via cash or check payable to Little Angels Montessori School.

  • What does a day looks like for the students at LAMS?
    You can find all the details of LAMS curriculum in Parents Handbook for Primary and Toddlers

  • How are the parents updated/notified of daily activities for Toddlers?
    Toddler daily reports are sent out via email by the lead teacher which covers: the time the children went out to the playground, lunch and snack details- what all they had and how much, nap times, book read and activities done. Diaper change timing or the toilet usage timings and for what reason is mentioned as well.

  • Can the parents accompany the child to the class during dropoff?
    Parents have to drop the child at the door from where the teacher accompanies them to the classroom.

  • Does LAMS have school bus for dropoff/pickup?
    LAMS does not have school bus, Parents have to dropoff/pickup the child at school.

  • Does LAMS provide photos of child's daily activities?
    LAMS does not provide photos of child's daily activities. This is a distraction to the child and the prepared environment required for montessori learning. LAMS does share photos on our facebook page from time to time.

  • What is the policy when a child is sick?
    Parents usually are able to tell if the child is coming down with something, we request them to keep the child home so that the spread of disease can be contained.
    Fever, throwing up, pink eye, diarrhea and presence of lice or any other contagious sickness are the most common conditions for which the child is asked to be picked up from the school by the parent. To return to school:
    - Child has to be fever free 24 hours without medicine
    - Any contagious disease- a doctor's note is needed
    - If a course of antibiotics has been prescribed, for any condition by the doctor, please wait 24 hours for it to take effect.

  • Can I withdraw my child for one or more months and not pay tuition for those month(s)?
    We understand that due to various reasons like travel etc parents may like to withdraw their child for a month or more. In such situations Parents have 2 options:
    1. To disenroll your child, that way you do not pay tuition and re-enroll later at a date that works for you. LAMS cannot guarantee that there will be a spot available at that time, also you will have to pay all applicable fee for enrollment.
    2. Continue paying tuition during withdrawl period so that LAMS can keep a spot for your child when he/she comes back.

  • Does LAMS have a summer program?
    No, LAMS does not have a summer program we are closed for the month of July.

  • Why did I get Tardy/No Show/Not SignedOut emails?
    As per our licensing authority (AZDHS), LAMS is required to maintain daily record of Student attendance.
    It is the Parents responsibility to SignIn/SIgnOut their child using the LAMS Attendance system(using iPad).
    Please make sure when Siging In/Out you provide your signature and receive SignIn/Out completed message on the iPad. If you do not see the message your child has NOT been SignedIn/Out, some please try again or contact LAMS staff for further assitance.
    Failure to SignIn/Out a Student will result in an automated email being sent to the Parents.
    You may use the Parent Portal to view your child's attendance and/or submit any absence.

  • Whats is LAMS privacy policy regarding collection, communication, sharing of information?
    Please refer to LAMS privacy policy here